Wayne and Jean

The impossible dream was made possible by All Star Construction! There were many challenges to removing our deck and replacing it with a man cave, laundry room, and patio.

The difficult part was it had to connect to the original lower level garage door and have a ramp for easy indoor access leading into the new section along with a special view window from the kitchen- through the ramp way and laundry room to the great out outdoors.

Eric and Chris worked on the computer generated plans to get all the bay windows we wanted, the cupboards, lights, and fireplace were among some of the odd requests we made. And also dealing with myself and Nicke!

Yes, at times this dream was more of a nightmare, with delays in getting the project started, weather delays, delays caused by miscommunication between us, the sub contractors, and a change in project director, along with a busy schedule of projects to get done by all of All Star Construction. With patience, negotiations, and the professional crew of All Star Construction our dream came together.

We highly recommend All Star Construction to make your dreams come true but to be prepared for a few nightmares along the way. The end result is worth the sleepless nights and telephone calls to Terry who went above and beyond to have us as a satisfied customer for the second time they have done work for us.

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