Rear Deck

Rear Deck Replacement
Rapid City, South Dakota

The existing deck will be completely removed.
The new deck will be the same dimensions except the corner area will be filled in to square off the deck.
This corner will be filled in when the new deck is built.
The railing on the old deck is not up to code and will be replaced with a new code compliant railing.
The existing stairs and support post had settled. The post will be reset and new stairs will be built.
A view of the new rear deck including new stair location.
The new rear deck showing the area that was filled in. More outdoor living space was created and the new stair location leads into the gorgeous back yard!
Another view of the new rear deck. The deck, stairs, and railing were all constructed out of redwood and stained. The new railing was built to meet the building code.
The post has been replaced and new stairs access the deck from the driveway! Lattice was also installed to keep the pets in the back yard!
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