Paul and Anne

Our New Home

Dear Terry and Rick:
Enclosed is an invitation to a barbecue here in Pine Haven on the 19th of June. We hope this will work with the schedules there so that you can all come.

For us, it will be an opportunity to thank everyone in person for their role in helping this house become the home it is.

For you, you need to hear that this place has your stamp all over it. We feel that things were handled without close attention to detail…and extra effort to make sure things were “right”. Cole spent a lot of time making sure that happened and it shows.

Cole, Joe, Chad, Darron all worked in tandem to follow through and keep things rolling the way they were supposed to. They were a good team here and we had fun, which is saying a lot. We teased them that we were around so much, they’d be thinking of us as the “homeowners from hell”… but never once did we feel like we were in the way or interfering with the process. That’s professionalism.

The crew worked safely and kept up a good pace at the same time. Safety and good workmanship go hand in hand and we saw that throughout the project. We both were impressed with the crew’s ability to be flexible… if weather didn’t permit work on the roof, they worked on another project until it was safe to do so.

Cole went out of his way to make sure Paul was kept informed of any developments. That is courteous and it is just plain thoughtfulness. Paul appreciated that Cole was prompt and ready with information or suggestions as the need arose. That proved to be a pretty good thing at times when we were tired and out of ideas.

Todd and Jamie both worked hard to keep the process running smoothly behind the scenes. Todd kept us up to date on budget…which is no small thing. He, Jamie, Cole, and Paul were able to discuss and arrange changes without hassle and that was worth it’s weight in gold at times. Just knowing that it would be “taken care of” was real comfort. Jamie managed to get kitchen cabinets, appliances, countertops, vanities, etc. to all fall into place smoothly. That, too, was a pretty great thing to happen. I know, that’s what they do…but they do it so very well!

Both of us felt that a phone call to your office would always provide answers. Michelle was always friendly and helpful and made sure messages were received or sent promptly. She expressed genuine interest in the project…and that is a special extra.

Both of you also helped us to feel that our project was important. The good work of Todd, Jamie, Cole and the Crew, Michelle…all are a reflection of good input from you as leaders. There wouldn’t be the desire to excel unless there was incentive to do so from those who can lead well…the right work ethic is present, communicated to, understood and accepted by those who do the work.

We were impressed with all we saw and experienced with All Star… We will recommend you to others without reserve. Neighbors here watched our project and commented about the speed and attention to detail and consistency of the workmanship the crew exhibited daily. It was pretty nice to hear…but not a surprise.

We sincerely wanted you to know all this… When you come for the barbecue, we’ll have a fun day and just relax and enjoy. This is the house for that…much of the credit goes to you!

Paul and Anne

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